Monday, October 22, 2012

I stare

I stare at the lamp on the end table
The only light in the room
Darkness surrounds it and me
But it's light still shines brightly
I wait and wait for him to walk through the door
He will turn on the lights
And the lamp won't be as bright anymore
But for now it's just me and the lamp surrounded by darkness
Until he walks through the door

*A short piece I wrote that I found while packing

"Barney is not real! He screamed at me. Boy I hated that day. He went down the list of things I believed in. "Neither is the Tooth Fairy, Santa, or his dumb elves." He went on. How could he lie like this, I almost believed him. "There is no Boogeyman, Grinch, and your toys don't come to life when you leave the room!" He yelled some more. Please, if I was going to believe him, he needed to give me proof. "I eat the cookies and drink the milk. Not Fatso!" He yelled in my face. I wanted to cry but not because I believed him, but because Daddy was crazy. So instead I got up to find Mommy.

*Another old piece I found. Influenced by a writing prompt from an undergrad class. 

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