Monday, October 8, 2012

To edit or not to edit

I'm not a fan of editing my work. To me its much like brushing your teeth. Boring and tedious but you still have to do it to stay fresh. Many times on my blog entries, I make a note on the bottom saying I haven't proofread or that I'm not entirely happy with how the entry turned out, therefore subject to change. With a personality like mine, I'm not easily influenced by the opinions of others but ironically always asking advice out of habit.

Grammar isn't an easy thing. Those who study it, you're crazy. In the end of the day, my opinion is that we kind of all go with the flow and hope its right. Although there are people who are very detailed about the rules of writing and grammar. I'm not quite sure if they make sense or are just making it up. The other day, a friend told me he learned in a class that THE is an adjective and IS is a verb. What?? First off, most of my life I had no idea what pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and so on were. Now I'm being told these two simple words are an adjective and verb. Crazy. I don't even think they should constitute as words even. They're the sounds I make mid sentence.

I bring this up because I am not the ideal person to follow in the grammar department. When I write, I focus on sound and flow. I could care less if its correct English or the right usage of grammar. My main focuses are that my readers understand what I have written and enjoy it. That's it. What more do I need? A textbook or teacher (who most likely isn't a writer in artist form) to critique every sentence? Nope.

The truth about writing: 

"Writing is like birthing a baby: Exhilarating, yet often painful. Editing is like cleaning up after the baby: Not fun, but necessary." Rebecca Scarberry

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