Monday, October 15, 2012

Virgin Diaries

For many years now, I've had this idea for a book or guide to share with the world. It's about virgins and all the things no one knows about them. I sat on the idea for some time now. While at my writing group I go to weekly, I wrote a little something that was inspired by my idea. Here's a peek.

People constantly talk about the good girl gone bad, but just how good did you think your good girl was? How squeaky clean is she? I know what the men are thinking. Virgin. Virgins are the goodest of the good. Am I right?

Lets examine a how most of our virginal convos go. 

Virgin: I'm a virgin. 
Guy thinks: Score! I got a clean one.


Virgin: I'm a virgin
Female friend: That's really great. 

I her head, she now most likely thinks of herself a whore compared to the virgin or slightly pittys her depending on her age. Age makes a big difference. If our virgin is above 30, there is a "Wow" or "Oh" somewhere in the first response. 

Let's get back to the cleanness of our goody goodies. There are a couple of things I know about virgins that will shock you. Although yes, it depends on the virgin, but there are many "virgins" n this who are passing on STDs. I'm sure now after reading that, your goody goody doesn't seem so good. 

Virgins are good on paper but freaks underneath the sheets. 

Maybe there will be more to come later.

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