Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#ProjectMoveOut : Framily

I love my biological family. Family's love is like a river. Everflowing. Neverending. Unconditional. Well some may beg to differ. Besides that, unconditional.

With that said, I have another family. The family that has been with me through the toughest times which I've protected my biological family from (Although if they ever really wanted to know, I'd probably spill). This family is relatively fresh and new to being a family. For they have mainly been individuals for some time now. So we still are adjusting to how this works. Many of you 20-something year olds know exactly where I'm going with this. Yes, I am talking about Framily.

What is Framily? Simply its your friend family. They can look at you and know exactly what's wrong. Will let you cuddle with them and cry in their arms while their half asleep. They're the ones you get out of bed for after you've called it a night, to sit in Dunkin Donuts to let them vent. Your framily let's you be you with the guidelines of trying to keep you sane or practical.

Of course I love my blood family and have grown in many relationships with many relatives since my 20's started; but for some reason, there is still no comparison to my framily. They have seen the ugliest and saddest sides of me. When I hide things from them, I must be extremely ashamed. Somehow, someway they always know how to bring me back to reality or level ground. This is essential for us millenials. Without this new evolved connection, we could be aimlessly going through life. Even more.

P.S. No this does not mean I love one more than the other. Stop it. 

Framily Links-  - A movie I now want to see.

*I proofread but I'm not fully content*

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