Monday, November 26, 2012

The life of an entrepreneur.- RC3

When I was asked to write for the SAE News letter I was excited and then she told me what the topic was. I guess I don't really consider myself an entrepreneur or a business man. After spending quite some time thinking about what I was gonna share I decided to analyze how I spend my days.

Well I notice that business is a part of my life more than I ever thought it would be. And it's not easy. But before I go into that let me tell you a little about what I do. I like to consider myself a 'digital artist' because everything I do for clients almost always end up being used online and produced on a computer. Recently I have been working on a lot of film and graphic design work and I must say I am happy creating, but the unfortunate and the not so happy part is when I do not have a client and I am looking for one.

And this is when it become a difficult life, unfortunately I am not a full time digital artist. As of now I am not 'famous' enough to have clients come to me and decide that they want me to re-brand or create their new promotional material. Lets face it I know I have the skills and the talent to create anything for my clients. Unfortunately i cannot say I've worked with Sean Johnor Puff Daddy himself, so people think I'm just some other starving artist. 

Which leads me to my next point! Starving artist I am not, currently I'm am working one part time job, and on call job just so that the bills get paid, do I like working their absolutely not, do I enjoy the people... Yes, yes I do if not I would not be working in these first place. What is important to me is not to give up on my dreams. Does that mean that the beginning will be tough? Yes and I know it. Right now I'm sitting in a Dunkin Donuts drinking some coffee very sleepy because I worked a wedding last night and had a six hour class this morning and I'm waiting for my call time to go and give outstanding service in another wedding. So am I starving, No. And giving up on my dreams is not a choice

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