Monday, November 12, 2012

Women of the Year

I'm usually not one to get all feminist, but this past month and even year has awaken a part of me I didn't think existed.

This all began with me not feeling like going to work, two weeks ago. I was sluggish and extremely unmotivated. Not for my day job or for freelancing. Both which I love. So I kept wondering what was wrong with me. Then I realized, every few months this has happened to me for many years now. I have even written about it before. These were signs of me becoming burnt out. I needed to slow down and during that time find new inspiration.

Soon after this realization, Hurricane... Superstorm or who knows what Sandy hit the northeast of America. This not only blacked out my neighborhood, but gave me ample time to read the two magazines I bought right before it hit. In Marie Claire there was an article about their third annual "Women on Top Awards". These women were "up-and-comers leading thought-revolutions, creating businesses, and making name for themselves in fields from the military to the arts". And get this, none of them are over 40! How awesome is that?

A bit after this, there was Election Day. I have to admit, I couldn't vote but that is because I never changed my registration location (this lady totally lied about her being able to change it). And I would've had to be driven there before traveling to Brooklyn for the rest of the week. Yes excuses excuses, but I am going to try  to not miss another Election Day until I die. Deal? Anyway- as polls closed, states had elected not only many democrat senators but also many women. Who runs the world?

Then because I love magazines so much, I bought the December Glamour last week. And it was their "Woman of the Year" issue. Selena Gomez is on the cover and honestly, I thought it was cause she was in another article. To my surprise she was one of the WOMEN who received the award. It's crazy to me she's not the little girl from Wizards of Waverly Place anymore. Good for her. After reading more about why she got the award, the more I am so proud to share a name with her. Selena Gomez is the youngest US ambassador for UNICEF. In addition to that, they have already help lessen the number of children dying from preventable causes by thousands (24,000 per day to 19,000 to be exact). How encouraging is that??

In all, I am encouraged by the women out there doing more than being mediocre. They aren't taking no for an answer. And after reading about many of these women, it's also encouraged me to get involved in politics. I'm not just a pretty face. I have a brain and I should use it to it's full extent. Of course this doesn't mean I need to make an even longer to do list for myself, but I can take out a few minutes or one day to dedicate to a cause or simply something greater than making money. Like I always like to say (even at my poorest hours), "what is the point in having money if I can't share it?" And that "if you hold on to your money tightly, you'll always be broke. But if your spread the wealth, it'll always find it's way back to you." This goes the same for time, freedom, talents, skills and so much more. I want to use it all to make a difference.

 Be generous. Be kind.

P.S. Take a look at for inspirations for what you can use your talents and skills to help the world. It's such a good idea. Click volunteers.

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