Friday, December 14, 2012

20 Something: Friend Zone

This may be a topic that has no creative relevance but I thought it was necessary to touch on. As I told a friend, "I have been traumatized for life by the Friend Zone" and I am not kidding.

Let's first start off with what that is. What is the Friend Zone? Where does it exist? Are there directions? I asked guy friends what they thought it meant to them. At one point I even googled it because I wanted to make sure I wasn't in it with someone I liked (thank you wikipedia). This is what I found out. "The friend zone is when one person is interested and the other is not. The platonic friend put the other friend in the friend zone."

One of my male friends went as far as saying women initiate the friend zone always, never men. I disagreed. If a guy isn't interested in a woman, they nip it in the bud very quickly. Some are rude but then some are so nice it could be mistaken for attraction. So everyone is equally as guilty on putting others in the friend zone.

Platonic friends. Hmm. I think any friend has a chance with a friend. Probably more of a chance. Apparently this is not the case for everyone though. Some individuals don't look at friends as possible significant others. Is this a mistake? We can't determine that for each person. I personally believe those people may miss out on some of the best boyfriends/girlfriends that are truly their best friends also.

What did we learn today? Its merely a case by case, person by person determination. This shouldn't be something that is generalized among friendships. Each individual has reasons or excuses why a romance would never work. We put ourselves in the friend zone.

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