Monday, December 3, 2012

Dawn to a New Day

I am not a twilight saga fan. My participation in the craze was merely to witness what the hype was about. For me, just like Harry Potter, watching the movies was reading the books. Although teams Jacob and Edward or  Baby would beg to differ.

With that said, I couldn't let the last installment hit theaters and I not see it. I was curious if I'd understand more than usual. Would I hate the acting and the lack of story in the movie? Would I criticize how many times Lautner excessively say Bella? Ultimately, I wanted to know how the saga ended.

So I went. Went to the movies by myself to witness this ending. Of course I went when the kiddies were still in school. The theater initially had an old couple in the row in front of me. Then maybe 3 to 4 more pairs trickled in. One of which were two tattooed muscled pair who looked like they should've been dragged to the movie but seemed to be there all on their own. These two were in the same aisle as me, and their giggles accompanied by funny comments made my day. Furthermore, Breaking Dawn Part 2 began. The absolute first thought I had during the beginning was "did they get a new director?". The opening was nothing like the other movies in my opinion but then again I don't remember a whole lot but bits and pieces from the others. Either way, I was impressed by the artistry.

As the movie played, I became more and more involved in the story. Of all the Twilights, this was the most entertaining. I'm an action and suspense kind of girl. Breaking Dawn Part 2 gave me a little of both. And Oh my goodness they acted! I understood the characters a lot more this time around. This also added to the experience.

At the end, the unimaginable happened. Art is something that ignites an emotion. And I must admit, Breaking Dawn Part 2 has sparked one in me. I couldn't believe it. I was amazed that I felt for what was happening in the story. I was in love cause they were in love. And when the credits rolled, I wanted to clap. A Perfect (for this saga I guess) ending. And to my surprise, I finally wanted to read the books.

I left there thinking about where Stephanie Meyer's life probably has taken her. How awesome would it be to have a Twilight on my hands? I'm sure Ms. Rowling or Ms. Meyer knew that when they sat in coffee shops or at their home desks that their books would come to life one day. This saga blew up like no one would believe. How amazing is that?! But oh wait, does this mean the movie inspired me? ...Who would've thought? I couldn't believe it. I was inspired by a craze I mocked.

I smiled walking out that theater. I almost didn't want to leave until the last song on the soundtrack played and the last word left the screen. I wanted this excitement and inspiration to last. 

This made me write. Use my new found excitement and inspiration to reproduce productivity. Wow.

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