Monday, January 14, 2013

Best Breakup of 2012

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, my 
family (parents and siblings) have traditions whether or not they'd like to acknowledge them. For Turkey Day many years ago, I thought it would be fun to make dishes from around the world. I made fried wontons. Yum. And for years after, I continued this tradition. Only me in fact.

And a tradition that just kind of happened for Christmas was watching movies after opening presents. This year was The Dark Knight Rises. We are comic feens in my clan and Batman is probably number 1 since I was 3. Anyway, as we watched this action packed film, I did my usual commentary which was inherited from my parents. One of the scenes I commented on was when *spoiler alert* Alfred tells Bruce that Rachel didn't die choosing him over Harvey. Bruce doesn't take this well but Alfred insists its true. During this scene, both men tear up and decide to part ways. Well Alfred let's it be known that he could not stay and watch him die. As I watched this scene, I realize, "Wow, that was a breakup scene at its best". I kind of even wanted to cry. You really feel bad and want them to kiss and make up. AND there is a part of you that believes Alfred isn't going to leave him. But he does.

I think that there should be an award given to the film just for that scene alone. Well maybe for the film too, but I don't want to push it.

By the way, no I don't believe Anne Hathaway was great as Catwoman or Selina Kyle. Anne was the same person she always plays (not to say that is a bad thing) and cause of the writer(s), had good lines to say. If it weren't for the good screenplay, no one would be commending her on this movie. Point Blank Period. Team Michelle Pfeiffer!

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