Monday, January 21, 2013

Questions About My Blank Life

For a couple of months now, I've been doing a second edition of my very first novel. Every time I read it, I'm definitely sucked into the story. I will admit though that I am tired of reading it. All my writers out there know that if you read something of yours long enough, you'll always have changes. And I have. Therefore it is almost time to cut myself off.

Why are you re-doing the novel?

If you've actually read it, you'd know why. Its horribly formatted and edited for one. As much as I wanted to leave mistakes to show I'm not perfect and be against the rules of grammar and oh wait writing... I realized it took away from the story. And I want my readers to receive the messages I'm communicating to them (using my college degrees haha ). In result, I decided to seek advice from other writers and friends to see how I can better tell this amazing story.

Are you supposed to like Samantha?

When I was asked this question, I laughed. My response is I don't know. The explanation for the questions was that "usually the protagonist is liked". Haha. Honestly, who am I to make my readers like anyone? Samantha is a very complex young lady. To be honest, I don't even like her sometimes. I think of the infamous Serena van der Woodsen (powerful name) from Gossip girl. I'm sure people didn't love her all the time and she's the golden girl. The audience liked the antagonist Blair Waldorf. Yes, remember that's how she started the series.

What is the novel about?

I hate this question. Just putting it out there. I understand why its asked but its usually "What is your book even about?" that's asked. Malcriado.

The trilogy follows the sometimes normal but not so common life of a teen girl. There's a murder mystery in this portion of the trio. The true identity of some characters are revealed. Some ugly, some demented. In the end, the insanity of their lives produces an understanding.

Balloons on the cover are supposed to symbolize what drives or affects us in life. Fears, goals, love, struggles, pain, family, friends, money... On the cover Samantha has a bundle of balloons in one had and a single one in the other. She's driven by that one thing. It outweighs the cluster of things on the other side. 

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