Monday, February 18, 2013

Fall 2013: Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown

My Twitter followers got the first few peeks at the runway last Tuesday for the Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown collection. More is to come from RC3Design of course but I couldn't wait to share my experience at this lovely fashion show.

First I would like to say I opted out of being backstage as press to stand in line with the "Standing" people. Why you ask? Well, my camera man was snagging a good spot to shoot from in front of house. So there was not much for me to do backstage but stare at hot models. Hmmm... maybe I didn't think that through. Then again, it just proved to us that our team is in need of more bodies and equipment. (Kind of an intimidating thought I must say.)

Ultimately I'm not about acting like I'm above anyone. I like tagging along the not so "it" people. Which brings me to my next thought. Unfortunately the gentlemen standing next to me miss the memo of where their place in fashion was. I'll give you a hint, it's the same status as everyone else in the "Standing" line. These two boys commented on everything and everyone while standing outside. I found this hilarious. I wanted to shout, "You know you're standing outside cause you don't have a seat right?" Haha. Love Fashionistos.

Back to the show. The reason why all these glamorous people came midday to Highline Studios in the first place. I would like to comment on the studios first and say "Bravo" on choosing that space. It's not the generic all white clean look Mercedes-Benz chooses, meanwhile nothing like some of the more bar scene fashion shows we've been to either. Location partially made the event for me.

The MUSIC! I loved it. From my seat I could see the models bopping their heads to the music before coming out. I loved that they had fun with it, although they couldn't crack a smile once they got on the runway. Laurent Vacher from Labtonic is to thank for the perfectly combined tunes.

Now for the clothes. The owner of RC3 and I both agree that the collection was impeccable. Menswear is my favorite, so I may be a little bias. "It's classic meets modern" -RC3. I guess I can agree with that. There was a chic New Yorker style with a small or slight twist to lift eyebrows. A+ in my opinion. I can not wait to see what Cox & Silver will bring next season.

*Pics will be added

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