Monday, February 4, 2013

Fashion Week Pre Show- Jazmyn Edmonds

Fashion Week is coming! Fashion Week is coming!

I know last season I was a little less than enthused about the week long event, but maybe there is something about the Fall/Winter collections I prefer. Last year this time, I killed myself to make a full agenda for Fashion Week. Now, I'm like "Eh, whatever invites we get, we get". Very different attitude. This is not because I'm better than my fashionistas and designers. No no no. This is because my focuses have changed. The hype of the glitz and glam are for those who can afford it and those who have never been. Although I am 20-something, I feel like a Fashion Week veteran at this point and had my fun to last me a couple of years. Hmm but this by no means means that I won't be participating in the oh so fun fashion events of the week. No sir, this girl is going to go to just enough to keep a pretty smile on her face. Fashion has definitely crept it's way into my little heart. It shows in my clothes for my day job, shows in my shopping, shows in my web surfing.

This brings me to the first fashion show I attended this season. It's like pre-gaming.

Jazmyn Edmonds

Heading back to the good ole Empire Room at the Empire State Building was nice. Always a large crowd. Lots of drinking. And lots of familiar faces.

Make up and hair was done for everyone to see, which was kind of a nice touch. Reminded me of when I watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. You get to see the models in their "natural" element. Giggling, picture taking and make up oh my. It was kind of cool to watch a bit of it. The crowd didn't make it easy to hide the clothing but the staff didn't seem to mind too much. My partner from RC3 snagged photos of a lot of the pre-show festivities. The room was crazy busy. I wasn't sure if I missed the other things scheduled for the night (live performances), but I was ready for some clothes an hour in.

I asked two gentlemen on their take of the event. One used to work in the music industry and expressed that he loved the fact that it kind of felt like those old music industry parties but the fashion show was the twist. I find that really interesting and wonder if that was on purpose or is that the Empire Room's trademark vibe. He also added that this was his FIRST fashion show. Wow, a fashion show virgin. I was excited for him.

The runway was unique for sure. There was no straight catwalk but a maze. I was very intrigued with this. The room setup is very difficult for runways, but clearly not impossible to manage. Kudos to the Jazmyn Edmonds team for putting that together. The models definitely got a workout I'm sure. By the time many of them reached where I was standing (near the end of their walk), many of them looked over it. Maybe not intentionally but after going up and down stairs, stopping for photos, then walking more while fighting through the crowd a little... someone needed a raise. They all looked like good sports about it though.

The clothes (from what I could see) were "cool". I used that word because it was used in something the DJ read before the show began. Haha. But really, I thought most of the outfits I saw were really young and "lets party!". The designs had a clear target and I'd say it's the 20-something year olds who want to have fun but stay classy. I
liked them. I could see them on Selena Gomez or another young

Snaps for Jazmyn Edmonds' NBD Collection.

*didn't fully proofread. you know me. subject to change.*

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