Monday, April 29, 2013

The Next Chapter

Thank you Thank you to all those who attended my writing showcase. I know a lot of people were surprised by the result but as we know I'm anything but conventional. So myself and the digital designer of Rc3 collaborated on unique designs for each piece and photographed the event.  BIG SHOUT OUTS TO HIM. He hated me by the end but I think it was worth the hatred. And also big shout out to Elizabeth Library Board Member Eloy Delgado. THANK YOU! There would have been no pieces on the actual table if it weren't for him and he spoke to numerous speculators who were curious about my work. Thank you to my hostess, Harlenny Javier. Thank you to the publicist of the event, Robyn Butler from RobynRyli Concepts. And for the Pesto Spread Chef Anissa sent for us to enjoy while mingling. Delicious!

Now that this monumental event has now passed, its time for me to get to what I REALLY want to do. And we all know that's not in a bar in Union Square. Although its pretty cool. I want to make sure I am constantly and possibly eventually only thinking about my reader audience. All the girls I want to influence to be their best and also their dreams. Its going to be book fairs, school appearances, visits to libraries, distributing at mom and pop book stores, and so much more. For me this is the most nerve wrecking part but I'm in for the ride.

Get ready to be amazed. Good bye business, Hello High School!

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