Monday, May 20, 2013

Furry Friends

Everyday I strive to lessen the overpopulation of cats and dogs in America. Apparently there is about 7,000 animals to every human (may be off on the number but it's something like that). And with that being the case, part of my 9-5 job is to help lessen that amount. With that said, I have nonstop been thinking of ways to make people aware of this issue. But it is definitely easier said than done.

We love our furry friends so much, but sometimes harm them more than we think. For example, I learned that cow's milk is actually kind of deadly to cats and dogs. Many people have seen in movies, cartoons or family give their animals cow's milk and they seemed fine. But what we all need to realize is that many things have changed since way back when. We are now more informed on how to take care of ourselves and our furry friends. It only make sense to evolve with the times.

Spay and Neuter is what I inform people daily. It's a hard tasks in low income areas. It seems like the people who have money don't want puppies, and those who don't have the money want puppies. It baffles me everyday. If people only knew what having puppies/kittens entail. Especially that when you find homes for the little guys, they don't always have a happy ending like you would think. It's pretty sad.

So when I sat down today, I thought about what is on my mind, what do I want to write about? And it was about animals. Something that now consumes my life is animal welfare. I even got to lobby in Albany to speak up about five bills two Mondays ago. It felt good to make an even bigger difference from the beginning. Where regulations begin. It felt good. And in the end of the day, happy lives for our furry friends will bring happy lives for the humans.

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