Monday, May 27, 2013

Memoirs of a Writer

For the past day, I have been reading book 5 of my journals. I watched myself fall in love and by the end of the book, I saw the part that has resonated with me even until now. The "break-up". As I read. I felt like I knew this girl but she wasn't quite me. And then I spoke about my insecurities. Then it sounded exactly like me. How is it possible that I have the same insecurities as a high school girl? Although I will say I was a very mature 16 year old, but still I feel like I should have outgrown some of those things. I've published books, met several men throughout the years, owned two businesses, have a masters degree, rent my own apartment, and so much more. I have progressed so far, but you know what? The heart and mind together don't care about all that. If I feel that I'm not the prettiest woman in the room, that's on me. If I think I'm the fattest woman in the room, that's on me. I project my insecurities onto the world. Although I will say, a scale does not lie.
Doing a bit of research with Women's Health Magazine

For months now, I have been focusing a lot on my health. Not the way I did in high school, but more in depth. Not just what I eat but where I eat it, who made it and how. I'm thinking about the effects of what I eat more. And when I did my vegetarian thing once a week at the end of last year, I felt great. I also felt very accomplished. I tried new things on menus I haven't tried before. I reached new heights in energy. It felt great . In the new year, I stopped because it felt too easy. So I slowly went into eating one vegetarian or vegan meal a day. That's 5-7 times a week which is more meals than what I was doing last year. There have been some hiccups but it's been good. Most of the time I don't consciously look out for those one meals, most of the time they just happen naturally now. Sometimes I spend the whole day eating vegetarian meals. It's great.

Juicing seems to be all the craze, but I am taking it more to heart. This is something I am sure I can do. So now I'm planning on making a smoothie/juice 5 times a week for breakfast. Start off the day with the nutritional servings I need of fruits and veggies. Couldn't ask for more, I think. That's going to be quite amazing.

Two of my best friends have inspired me to not lose weight, but to become a healthier me. My mom thinks that I've seemed so much better since my life eating changes. My job makes me walk at least 5 miles a day, which is a huge help in keeping me active. Don't we all wish our jobs got us from behind a desk every once in a while and made us workout basically? I'm fortunate enough to technically not need a gym membership. With that said, I am struggling to at core and strengthening workouts into my weekly routine, but I'm confident that with the motivation of my two friends will push me to make time.

So I encourage everyone, think about your health. Don't just be that insecure boy or girl you were in high school, middle school and elementary. We have the tools and resources to change how we eat and stay active as adults. Get started... Now.

*Do you even have to ask. Didn't proofread

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