Monday, June 17, 2013

#PROJECTMOVEOUT: I'm somebody's baby

As independent as I am, I have my baby moments. My mom thinks it's when I come over to her house for a weekend, but in actuality, those are times I feel even more grown. I cook, clean, and repeat. A time I will acknowledge is when I drink a tiny bit too much and can't sleep. I keep up whoever I'm with until I can fall asleep without feeling like the earth spinning. Guilty. And currently I have a toothache and I am wishing so badly for the days when my mom would make my doctor appointments instead of me having to search for my own.

I mention this because I think we all have those moments where we retreat back to being babies. The one or two things that make us dependent. ONE or TWO. Not that you may not have five, but a few or many might not be so good (aka you shouldn't be a baby all the time). And by dependent, I mean makes you whine. Going to the doctor for me is like pulling out my teeth. I'd much prefer being told when to go and taken there.

Do we ever get pass this??

It possibly depends on the person. I feel like I'd have to get used to the doctor thing by my first pregnancy. Putting off the GYN would not a good look. Maybe we'll all grow out of our baby moments, maybe we won't.

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