Monday, June 10, 2013

Story of My Life

As a young professional trying to make a name for herself but more importantly a mark on this world... Where was I going with that? I think it's hard to find the words that describe my life. I've had it for 20 something years now and it's almost like the training wheels are still on. Then people in their 50 something year tell you, "Yeah that never changes". Which makes my question, "So I live life this way till I die?" And not to be morbid but that kind of terrifies me. How could you work at something for so many decades and never perfect it (Yes the perfectionist in me is coming out)?

The world consistently and constantly changes. There is no catching up with it. That's like social media. My tricks and tips are getting outdated weekly. I have to keep looking up new tactics, research updates, and make sure I earn my paycheck(s). Our diets have changed over the years. The new things we can cook; dishes we can awe people with. Everything changes all the time.

We should hold onto the things that don't change. Just hold it. I think that way, we will feel a little more at ease about the fact that we'll never know what we're doing. Living will become easier and less of a confusion.

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