Tuesday, July 9, 2013

But I love him

By no means is this blog going to be about me being in love. Of course I wish. For goodness sake it's been ten years since I was last in love. That's a long time. Not to say there weren't things like lust, like and fun throughout those years but nothing quite compares to being in love.

My first love and I used to talk about the different types of love. Romantic love that is. And looking back now, I think we were very wise to know the difference. 

Puppy Love: Clearly this is well known among teenagers. It's that "I can't sleep until I hear your voice" love. This is one of the best feelings in my opinion. It's a lot of "us against the world" stuff. He could do no wrong, she could do no wrong. Its blissful ignorance in a way. But an ignorance you can't get enough of. The moment you bump his knee by accident with yours and then he looks up at you and smiles; a warmth goes through you. A caress of his hand on yours flutters your heart. And just the sight of his lips makes you want to kiss them. And that's puppy love. 

True Love: This is what most people think they have. Or hope they have. The love that leads you to marriage. The love that you don't always feel but see and sense. It's when your significant other puts the cap back on the toothpaste because he/she knows it annoys you when not done. This love is a little harder for me to describe because I've never had it but I'm sure we've all seen it at one point or another. It's the happy ending before the actual ending. It's what reproduces your children. It's what helps you get up the morning after burying a parent. It's true and just. It's love. 

Lasting Love: All my "Notebook" fans know what I'm talking about. This is the one everyone... well every woman secretly hopes to find. The one where that other person constantly comes back in your life even after years and years of being apart. It's the persistence we yearn for. The fact that no matter how bad things get or how far apart you get from one another, you will always love each other. No marriage to another person will change that. No infidelity. No hardship. No miles. That love will always be in your heart. Till death do you part. And even then, one doesn't leave without the other. ...Well in theory or film that is. 

I can safely say I'm not delusional or feminine enough to ever think I was in anything other than Puppy Love. I'm okay with that since I do have many more years to live.

What kind of love do you have? Or want?

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