Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Career Advancement

It seems to be a cycle now. Every few months I end up pondering about my career path and overall ambitions. Instead of hindering you all about only my questions to myself and worries, I want you to think about these things yourself.

Everything I am doing at work now, is it going to benefit me in the future?

I think I am. For us Millennials and maybe people in general, I believe it's hard for us to focus. Today I walked to my train and it took me forever to focus on what I actually want to think about. I went from work to this guy to my grandfather to my friend who hurt me really bad a month ago to my fitness to my spirituality... the list goes on surprisingly. My mind is scattered. And as I've written before on here, this is the beginning to me getting burnt out.

Can you handle more responsibility at work?

This is in regards to if you're an entrepreneur or your day job. Can you take on more work? For me, I think about taking on more work because more work is supposed to mean more money. I am going to apply to a manager position at my day job, meanwhile I am advancing my entrepreneur career. Can I handle more clients and a management position. I'm leaning towards no. You have to be practical with yourself.

Does Sallie Mae or federal loans determine what path you choose?

This is a hard one. Many times the answer is yes. We need money in order to live comfortably. And in this case, we need it to get our loans off our backs. Often I wish away my two degrees, but then I snap out of it. I would have never gotten this far if I didn't have them. This is not because of the degrees themselves but the process of obtaining them. Joining organizations, running organizations, becoming a volunteer, interning, even working during that time. I'm confident none or most of those things would've never happened.

Who am I living for?

I think this question comes up often. In songs, anthems, quotes, conversation and whatever else. We need to remind ourselves that we can only live for ourselves. I'm trying to explain a reason for why, but I can't put them into words. Your the only one who sees behind the eyes you have. How can someone else dictate that?

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