Monday, August 26, 2013

# VMA MTV Video Music Awards: A Teenage Dream

No Sleep till Brooklyn was the theme for last night. Unfortunately some of my new teen friends couldn't wait that long.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reliving my teen days of standing outside a building with the anticipation of getting at least a glimpse of some celebrities. Luckily for me I got more than a glimpse of Kanye, Drake, Bruno Mars, Snooki, and 2 Chainz. It was rather exciting just feeding off the excitement of the insanely loud screaming girls. One of my new teen friends was dying to see One Direction. I asked her who was her fave and added a disclaimer that I didn't know any of their names besides one. Luckily it was Harry. 

Another new teen buddy mentioned an Austin. I really had no idea who that was. Just nodded my head. The girls screamed and I stared long and hard not knowing who I was looking at. Apparently it was 2 Chainz. But when the girls pointed and asked who a crowd walking by was, that I knew. Press. Haha I am well acquainted with what they look like. I was back in the game.

There were many haters who ridiculed the young ladies but slowly but surely they stopped and watched as well. Some girls wanted to leave and I encouraged them to stay at least till 7, then head home and watch the show on TV by 9pm. One girl asked who did I want to see. I said, no one really. I was there for fun. Then got to share my historical One Tree Hill cast moment. I still smile about that day. 

Once I got home, I got excited at the thought of NSYNC performing. Yes, this girl is and forever will be a huge fan. As I heard buzz around the crowd at the Barclays Center, I thought it was worth tuning in. Although I did have to suffer through that very embarrassing Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus performance. "Where is Paula?!" is all I could yell. Anyway, Justin Timberlake's performance and then NSYNC gathering... perfection. There are no other words to add. 

Overall, I think that experiences like these are monumental in a teen's life. There aren't many moments in life where the unreachable is right there. It's much like your dreams. So I'm happy I got to experience it with them. 

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