Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Mom in the quiet car...

Dear Mom in the quiet car with her baby,

As soon as I saw you... as Taylor said, "I knew you were trouble when you walked in". Didn't even need to see your child cause I heard her. I'm sure she's cute but I had a long day. Not to mention a very demanding two weeks. I don't hate you but I really want to. And I hope to never be you, cause currently there are about 20 people who want to smack you. Those looks aren't for your designer handbag. Those are evil eyes. "Please shut your kid up" looks. I'm polite enough to put my earphones in my ears. But secretly I was hoping when the conductor told you it was the quiet car, you'd leave. Same for those loud mouth old broads across the aisle from you. In all, just next time check your watch and pay attention to what car you are going into. Then we can avoid this very awkward moment.

Hope I never see you again and thanks for ruining my trip home from work but with the grace of Allah.


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