Monday, September 9, 2013

RC3 Fashion Week Coverage: Kahri by Kahrianne Kerr

Now that I am the marketing/writing representative for RC3, I will also be writing blog entries on behalf of the brand. Soon they will solely be on the RC3 blog, once the website is redone. 

Twice a year, fashion is front and center for a week. And it has commenced once again for Spring 2014.

The RC3 Team continued this season with seeking out new emerging designers and straying away from the mold. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a fun glamorous event, but there is just something about fresh blood... or creatives that we just can't resist. As a new contact from Ms. Kahrianne's show said, "You can grab the magazines and newspapers the next day to see the Mercedes Benz collections." And she is completely correct. Between the LIVE footage and periodicals, no one can miss MB Fashion Week.

Then there are the Indie or upcoming "It" designers. Although there is press at those events as well, there isn't nearly as much as MB's. And searching for this crowd is no easy task. I can be the first to support that statement. I only wish that I could get a media pass and obtain a contact list for all the scheduled designers. When it comes to outside the tent collections, there is so much more that goes into finding the ones you want to see and how to contact the publicist handling the event. There is a lot of fishing for the right fish or even to get a bite at all.

The Kahri collection was a great find. Not only because of the designs themselves, but the actual event, venue, and people. We all know I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to poor event planning. This my friends did not come off as something thrown together. I actually felt that a lot of detail was thought out beforehand. Loved it.

Now for the designs. As I said on Instagram, the collection was innovative and detailed. But I think my vocabulary can exceed that. For example, "A simple yet risky way of using black and white." RC3 Photographer said. It actually inspired me to wear more black and white in more stylish patterns. Also, I was captivated by the stitching on those designs as well. In my opinion, that is what made many of them even more appealing. I'll refrain from talking about the blue pieces because we know I will be a little bias since it is my favorite color. Very quickly I will say that the choice of blue was magical.

The rocker chick ambiance was also appreciated by the RC3 Team. Nothing is better than loud make-up and a pseudo Mohawk style. What makes it all even better was when the designer came out herself and she was nothing less than what you just saw. Just as edgy and confident.          

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