Tuesday, February 11, 2014

RC3 Fashion Week Coverage: Lulu*s Style Studio

Although Fashion Week was supposed to be low on the priorities list this season, I couldn't help myself. You meet the greatest people/connections. The best and worst events are thrown. Oh wait, and the clothes. Fashion, fashion, fashion.

I chose to go to the Lulus.com event. It was a Style Studio full of bloggers, young fashionistas and eager guests. So much so that I heard a small catfight break out. "You don't know how psycho I am!" was shouted. I think we were all embarrassed for the girl who looked like she just rolled out of bed. As another guest said later on that night, "I don't know how psycho she was but I believed her. She was definitely ready to fight. She was already in her sweats AT a fashion event." Who does that?

With how crowded and uncomfortable but comical things started that night, it was worth the wait. The Lulus team definitely made a great impression. Everyone was happy to help attendees with coat check, understanding the flow, check in and schedule. The only not so nice person I encountered was a woman at one of the vendor's table (I'll keep the company nameless). Otherwise everyone was very helpful and pleasant. And kudos to Stephanie, who was my contact person.

I must admit that when I received the invite for this event, I wasn't familiar with Lulus.com. Sorry. But I quickly looked into it. First stop was their website which has a my RC3 Design stamp of approval. Then I read the "About Us" page. Quickly I realized that both RC3 and Lulus support emerging fashion designers. On top of that, I found out my fellow alumna, Dina Deleasa (Married to Jonas), follows the company on Instagram. So I figured, I've got to check out this Style Studio.

There were so many freebies. I didn't snag any but now I'm thinking maybe I should have taken a break from blogger mode to partake in the fun. Instead I speculated and had girls ask me if I was in line over and over. It was cute that no one just skipped me. Very polite crowd, I tell you.

Next time you're looking for something new to add to your closet, stop by Lulus.com (which E!News just suggested a jumpsuit from for Valentine's Day looks). Especially if you're a trendsetter. I'm sure they'll have something perfect for you.


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