Monday, March 3, 2014

#PROJECTMOVEOUT : Success once again

I thought I would revisit my very first post on this blog.

"As I watched the VH1 Behind the music episodes about Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Lopez and then a E! Special about Jennifer Aniston (What's with all the Jennifer's?)... I felt inspired to make it in life. But then I thought to myself, what does that even mean? What makes one a success?

I asked a friend this evening what does it exactly mean to be successful. In conclusion of the conversation... neither of us knew the answer, but did know it can be personally defined by anyone and everyone.

All I do know for now is that I'm starting here in my journey to finding it. More so continuing it, cause realistically it's already been a long road. And in my eyes, I'm already partially successful.

So tell me... What is success to you?"

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