Monday, April 7, 2014

Caravan Stylist Studio & KahriAnne Kerr Spring Preview

Before I begin this post, I really need to air some things out. Many of you know that I attend numerous fashion events throughout the year. I'm not part of this world, but in a way slowly I have. This doesn't make me any less analytic or real about this industry. There will always be designers, publicists, editors, models, stylists who believe they are above you and possibly that you don't exist. What I say to that is, "Your lost"; because I know I am going to keep doing big things and I will never forget.

As my favorite magazine editor said in this month's issue of Women's Health, "Beauty has become less exclusive and more inclusive." She's amazing isn't she. "If you can afford to go to a fancy salon and have every strand on you head or every lash on your eyes tended to, then great! But if you can't, that doesn't mean that you won't look (and feel) amazing too."

When I heard the KahriAnne Kerr Preview was at the Caravan Stylist Studio (CSS), I wasn't sure what to expect. For I am not cool enough to know where or what that was. Therefore it was a surprise to me when I entered the room and overheard more about the studio. "Majority of our clients are celebrities and people of influence," a make up stylist said. "Designers are not charged to be a part of the studio. Nor are the guests. The goal is to connect talent with fashion designers and to build relationships between the two parties." Everything is funded by the sponsors of the products they use. This is where the infamous, "Who are you wearing?" question on the red carpet comes into play. That one question alone can produce millions. 

During my time in the studio, I snapped a couple of photos but didn't really have a guide to what was going on. Other women talked, stylists name dropped, women drank wine, and the designer stood near her clothes. There wasn't much for me to bring back to you folks, but I did try seeing the brighter sides of things. This is one more exclusive high end place we now know about. Therefore if you have a red carpet event you would like to have a pampered moment for, look into CSS. And the KahriAnne collection was just as exquisite as last year. Darker colors, chic, and edgy. Glad to have the opportunity to see another collection of hers.

Take a look for yourself and see what these brands are made of. 


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