Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Social Media: YouTube Playlists

Let's start with this new advertising campaign YouTube is doing. They have "everyday" girls who have become people of influence for the topic they love. Baking, accessories, and make-up. Its a cool idea. What's not so cool is that as I stared at the ads next to each other, I realized they chose only girls and "pretty girls" at that. Slim/fit, attractive (done up), young girls. How did they choose these girls, why did they choose these girls? I'm sure there are other YouTube celebrities out there. Discussion for another day. In the meantime, tell me what you think about this campaign and who is your favorite YouTube celebrity.

Onward to why I've brought up YouTube in the first place. Playlists. Not many have found use for them but really should rethink that. The tool could have some benefits. Maybe not the same for every industry, but still useful. Let me show you some ways I've found it useful for myself and a client of mine.

A reason I began using playlists was because I had this amazing idea for a soundtrack that complimented my book(s) perfectly. But I didn't want to go and burn CDs and make a big deal about the soundtracks (well until they make millions and are made into movies). I just wanted people to take their reading experience with me a step further. Therefore, I birthed book soundtracks through my YouTube account for everyone to have a listen. Simple.

Tip 1: Make sure you constantly update your playlist. Videos will disappear, if you are including the videos from other accounts that aren't yours. As you can see above, I fail to do this myself. It's important though because neglecting to do so bring hiccups to the listening experience and then your audience is turned off. Oops.

It doesn't only have to be about music, you know? You can also use it to allow your fans to explore your world. My client, Chef Anissa, has a YouTube channel that hosts her show Urbyn Kitchen. We decided to add playlists that incorporate dishes that her fans may be interested in. Some of the playlist titles, for example "All About the Veggies", are mentioned on the show. This ties in the experience your fans have. Everything is full circle.

Tip 2: Fans will not look for your playlists on their own. This is something that hasn't become as routine as checking your Facebook account. Therefore you need to promote it on your other social media outlets. Just having them isn't enough.

Tip 3: If you have videos on YouTube, incorporate them into the playlist. That's adding a personal touch to a playlist they may have been able to create on their own, but didn't. I would suggest at least one video per playlist. No more than 2 or 3, but the playlist has to be more than 10 videos for 3.

I hope these tips help and you start broadening your Social Media horizons. Good Luck!

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