Monday, June 30, 2014

Social Media: Pinterest Boards

I've been trying to share more social media stuff on here. And how can I not speak about Pinterest? Definitely the most addictive social network. If you're creative or not, you find something to wake the inner Martha Stewart up.

I remember when I first heard about Pinterest. It was when I was interning for a graphic design haus. The Creative Director was all about trying new social networks and finding the most hip upcoming stuff. He used Pinterest and probably began to do more pinning than actual work at some point. You can find so much on there, it's overwhelming. Without organizing and having an actual focus, you will be a mess. 

Tip 1: My biggest tip is to use fun or unique names to title your boards. This not only gets others interested in your boards, but organizes them for you. For example, my boards are categorized in a way that reminds me exactly why I pinned items. Organization is key. 

Actual Tip # 1: Make sure you have a focus. Don't start just pinning things cause you think they're cool or you want to get back to them later. This is what your initial response is going to be, but fight it. Think about what your interests are (Hence interest in Pinterest) and then proceed. 

Tip 2: Social Media is for being social. Don't forget to actually connect with other users.

Tip 3: In my opinion, you don't have to check your Pinterest everyday. You should make sure you check up on things weekly.

There will be more to come I'm sure. This is the beginning to your journey.

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