Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Information is free but techniques on how to use it isn't. For example, I have a client who thinks they should be posting every hour on the hour meanwhile I think they should post 3 times a day. I'm paid to do this therefore why do they challenge me? It is because we all always think we know better. And I'm here to tell you that you don't know everything.

I found Muse a couple of weeks ago and didn't realize I was following them on Twitter already. So I finally went on this site and smacked myself for not realizing sooner how much they had to offer. There are job postings, classes, really helpful articles and so much more. I suggest that if you're in a career or job that you're thinking of changing or looking for a job or just want to better yourself as an employee, visit the site.

On muse, there was an article about the 5 people you need in your professional life. I found it interesting and very true for each one that they named. The committed listener, the catalyst, the connector, the task master or trainer, and the mentor. With their powers combined, you will be successful.

Online courses
Of course there are online courses that you can pay for but why? Like muse there are plenty of sites willing to contribute to your success with free information. With that said I am NOT going to post the ones I use but kindly suggest that you use Google to go search for them. This is not to be mean but to make you strive for what you want. Let's face it, we don't try hard for the things we don't want, but we settle because they are easier. And I believe that you're better than that. Or at least you will be

Get out there and make a difference in your own life. 

*Eh, I kinda proofread

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