Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just Got Paid... orrrr not

There have been two companies that haven't paid me for services I provided.  And its not that I need the money so bad.  It's principal. 

10:22 Group was the worst out of anyone who has screwed me in my entrepreneurial career. The owner was all about telling me and showing me how connected he was. He knew all and could be all. At one point, I wasn't sure if he was courting me. All I was interested in was the project I was helping him on. Not the lunch at the Princeton Club or template website (hate those). I just wanted to finish his project and then move onto social media management for his company. 

What ended up happening was no surprise.  He didn't respond to emails, never knew what was going on but decided to have his web developer call me looking for website writing.  Yes, tried releasing his dog on me and I kindly said that the owner needed to call me himself. Over time,  there was no communication but I did my part.  I called about the outstanding balance which was under hundred bucks. And in the end,  life lessons were learned.  I don't do anything for anyone without a deposit. 

AlleyNYC, I was an Event Producer for.  I organized and stressed to make the event happen. It went rather well and the attendees found it informative.  Unfortunately afterward I was slightly dropped from communication.  I kept trying to contact the Director and he may have said they were really busy once or twice, then nothing. Here and there I still try emailing him to see if I will at least get a reason to why it's almost been a year and no payment from them has come through. And once again its a payment under a hundred dollars.

Even though I didn't have a formal agreement with the boutique graphic design haus I interned with about payment, they verbally agreed that I would be full-time in their company in 2012. I never saw a dime from them the whole time, even though after 6mos I was supposed to receive a stipends. Never saw anything. And I busted my butt for that company. On top of that, they ignore me when I message them on Facebook or LinkedIn. Like I did something to them! I'm very bitter about this. Especially when recently I cane across a post on their Facebook saying "we take care of our interns." What a joke.

I say all this to say, make sure you get paid for your hard work. The Freelancers Union has great tools to help you make contractor agreements and more. There's always Small Claims Court if you want to. Low cost or subsidized attorneys that are passionate about these sort of issues. You deserve to get paid for your labor and don't let anyone else make you feel otherwise.

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