Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SAE Writing Weekend

Considering I was just watching America's Next Top Model and it was delaying my writing, the fact that my kindle just shut down from a low battery may be a good thing. My posts have been delayed enough!

Hello Everyone! I hear many of you missed me. It is definitely nice to be missed.

I just got back from a writing weekend this past weekend. It was AMAZING. I can't stop using that word to describe it. A lot of the time wasn't used for writing but also gaining inspiration and relaxing. The trip even inspired me to do so much more than expected. For example, I have someone who takes care of my management now. Also a creative hour once a week, to keep the juices flowing. And an idea for making a writing retreat!

Yes, a writing retreat. I feel like not many writers have opportunities to take themselves away from obligations and just be creative. During my time at the writing weekend, I didn't use one writing prompt. I just thought and blocked out my day job, entrepreneurial tasks, and what everyone needed from me. But what I needed from me was a beginning to a third novel. And I got it! The start wasn't too long, but it was a start. All weekend I kept saying, "Did you accomplish more than if you were at home?" If the answer was yes, I was happy.

Take time out for yourself as the holidays come closer and closer. You deserve and your mind deserves time to reflect and create.

Click my links above to get a little peek at the weekend.

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