Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Waste of Time

Articulating is hard for me a lot of the time. Sometimes when I am trying to make a point, I go around in circles as I’m thinking the ideas or issues through. This is usually one of two things for everyone else, confusing or inspirational. I don’t know how I do it but let’s call it a natural talent. I’m a wise woman and I love bestowing my wisdom onto others. If I did not do so, I would consider that being selfish. Ballsy, right? Like who am I to have things to share with the world and still be in my 20’s? How dare I? No how dare you to think such a thing. I’m bringing confidence back.

How annoying is it when someone says, “What a waste of time”? Not that annoying. How about when someone says it about something you don’t think is a waste of time? A little, right? I find that most of us waste our time on a daily basis. But what about this thought, “Your twenties are all about wasting your time.  It’s what you spend the most time wasting it on is what matters most”.
Many of our friends spend these ten years living it up. Going to bars, hooking up with strangers, traveling, moving into their own place or moving back into their parents’ basement, falling in love, falling in love again and possibly again, getting married, having their first baby, maybe having a second, and then “Hello thirties”. Whatever it is, make sure when you look back, it was worth it. I wasted my time plenty when I was online dating, but I am more than happy that I did. Not only did I get really great blogs out of it and a new following, but I developed and matured in a way I did not think about often.

Wasting your time is trying. And to not try is… you know it, to fail. Therefore waste your time and apply to a position you don’t believe you qualify for. I did! Best thing ever. I now know where I actually want to be professionally.

Wasting time is not aimlessly trying. Have direction. Make sure you are always wasting your time well. And if you don’t succeed, remind yourself it was worth it. For example, I was turned down for a position I applied for and in result started to look more into what I really wanted to progress to. I have spoken to so many managers, directors and now may move onto vice presidents. Now, the little group of people I knew at my organization has grown. And best part, they all know I am looking to better myself. Will one of them hire me? I do not know. And many people would look at this as a waste of time if none of them do. I believe those people are small minded. I rather waste my time like that any day. In my opinion, you should as well.

Go out there and waste time, and remember to be mindful about what you’re wasting your time doing.

*Proofread but ... you know*

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