Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Social Media Management Tips

There is this business owner who teaches Social Media 101 and I always laugh. People pay him to teach something he really has no working knowledge of. I check in on his Twitter here and there and it’s not far from the number it was three years ago. I sometimes think about what others must think when they see my social media accounts, but remind myself three years ago to now; my numbers have doubled on some and tripled on other social networks. Now that’s social media management.

The Number-
You should always keep track of your progression. Even if it isn’t every week or every month, track the number at some point. I’m referring to the progress from one point in time to another. At the same time, I do not completely agree that the number is everything. It is good to have a high number, but what kind of high number needs to be considered as well.

The Reach-
The high number can be just a number and have no meaning. You have a 1,000 followers but no one ever favorites or retweets your posts. What’s the point?? My following isn’t the highest it could be (especially because I have been slacking), but I guarantee you that I have a solid reach. My followers SOCIALIZE with me all the time. We joke about things, network, and relate often. That is the type of account you should aim to have.

The Schedule-
I’ve had some of my clients get upset because I do not tweet or post on Facebook every hour. And I always wonder, “How important do you think you are?” I know that when even a celebrity posts too many pictures on Instagram, I start to get annoyed. Most of the time the content is meaningless when it is set to post that often. Your audience should get excited about what you have to say. They should want to go looking for it if they missed it. And yes, this takes time, then give it time.

The Result-
People! It takes MONTHS to see full results on an account. I have been working with a company’s Twitter and Facebook for the past 5 months and I can proudly say that I have made a huge impact on their social media. With that said, I know I could do more socializing to get the reach up and connections tight, but this is just the beginning. In time, I know that their social media results will continue to have positive results. 

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