Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Year, New..

Happy New Year!
Yup I'm a couple of weeks late but guess what? It's still 2015.

I had to feel out the year so far and I think I like it. It's been full of good times already, planning for vacations, moving and more. The year is young and I'm trying to take advantage of it.

Something that has been keeping my spirits up is writing. My passion has become more important to me. Not just making everyone else's dreams come true. I look back at all the clients I've helped in 2014 and I'm a little disappointed. Not by the money, but the fading of my impact on them. They lack "ganas" as my seventh grade Math teacher use to say. And it's true. There has been a lack there of, and it's shown even in my work for my entrepreneurial clients. My last one would probably like to blame his lack of website traffic on me, but he can only truly blame himself. He's had no focus or desire to make his business better.

In 2015, my desire will be my sole purpose. I'm happier at my day job when I know I have writing in the works. I have been putting together ideas for the last book for the My Blank Life trilogy. Thinking about where I want to send my books. Who I want to do presentations for. My memoir. Desire has been leading the way.

What's your desire? I'm curious to hear what's moving you.

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