Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#PROJECTMOVEOUT : Are we too good or not good enough?

"This IS about empowering the Millennials to be amazing in every aspect of their lives and not just business. We are making ground-breaking stats as a generation... creating Facebook, breaking records in the NBA, and so much more. Granted we aren't all making millions or billions like those people, but we all have that potential in us. So why settle for living with mom and dad when we could be living with friends and struggling together? Or making ourselves SO uncomfortable that we strive and push to find solutions to regain comfort? I'm just putting a voice to our potential as a generation."

I wrote this March 22, 2012 and believe in them just as much as I did then. 

An hour ago, I called a best friend to vent about my current 9 to 5 job predicament. No matter how much a excel or show my worth, my butt has stayed in the same position for three years. Many could say that this is still no one's fault but my own, and I could agree with them. However, there seems to be a trend. My best friend went on to say that he's been doing work worth $10,000 more than he actually gets paid. No recognition, well maybe enough to make him think that he's an asset to the team. Sounds familiar? 

We asked ourselves, is it our ages? "I don't think that can hold true anymore because we're literally pushing 30" He said. And I agree. I'm not getting younger and in fact have worked in administrative, fast paced, decision making and supervising positions for about 12 years now. My resume starts at 2005, which makes it 10 years. And I'm still someone's pawn at work. As a teammate of mine said once, Where's our recognition from the CEO? He has personally called people (from another department) and thanked them. That's all she's asking for. And that's not really asking for much when you think about it. 

These supervisors, managers, directors and CEOs see millennials as assets. Most definitely. However, they see us as tools they can use to guarantee a job well done and rely on. That's not a bad thing, its actually complimenting. With that said, you have to make you take care of your tools.

So I ask, what is your work story? Is it just myself and my associates that have experienced this? Do you want more tangible praise? I know I do. "Don't just speak about it, be about it." 

Food for thought: At 26 years old, Hugh Hefner's request to get a $5 raise was denied by his employer Esquire. He then left the magazine and decided to start a magazine called Playboy

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