Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chef Anissa: Cooking For Bae

As a young woman and even a little girl I was always  told the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You will see in my next blog if that's true or not but right now we're talking about cooking for babe. I'm not that big on Instagram  I have an account I even have pictures on it and I love those Meemee post but there was something that caught my eye that was horrifying. It is the #cookingforbae page. I know as a woman when I prepare a dish for my significant other I'm very proud of my work and I would love for him to be just as proud of it and sometimes I do display on my social media pages. I also get a lot of inbox messages from various women and some men asking me what do I think about their dish or their presentation. Some I'm pretty damn good I must admit but then there are some that just really make me say WTF. In my reply to the the person I am never going to insult someone's creativity or down their efforts but in the back of my mind I am begging the person who this dish was prepared for to run and run fast. I have been a witness to some of the dishes that look like glorified dog food or vomit on warm plate. I know I am NOT the only one that thinks this way. Sometimes I even get tempted to ask the person WTF is this or if they tell me what it is i am tempted to ask how the hell did you get that out of this? But being a professional and also a person that has to work on her presentation skills I digress but I'm still confused sometimes. I know there are alot of Grandma and Nanas that are rolling around in the grave trying to claw their way out beat them with a rolling pin. My suggestion is before you post the picture or even send the picture take a good look at the picture really analyze the picture and ask yourself would I really eat this myself or is this fit for human consumption. Then ask do I really wanna keep my man or woman or do I want to scare them to death. Because if some of this was put it in front of me and someone ask me to eat it  i would be very offended and think they were trying to poison me, that's just me. But I will always give it an A for effort, while shaking my head.

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