Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Truth about 3 Day Cleanse

The fad of cleanses and detoxes. They are almost as popular as Brunches on the weekend. But unlike brunch, cleanses are not as fun.The results are eye opening though.

Day 1- Instead of juicing, I blended all the ingredients. Therefore I had less of my fruits and veggies than in the recipe. It was very experimental the first day. Some drinks had too much of some ingredients, some had too little. I didn't peel all of them, in result, there were some remnants inside the smoothie.

There was a lot of peeing throughout the day. I was hungry... or my stomach growled a bit throughout the day but usually it was time for the next smoothie. I even went to the mall and watched a friend eat a delicious veggie burger. In that moment, I decided that even though dinner was supposed to be just fruits and veggies, falafels were okay. And veggie burgers for the next night and vegan Chipotle salad for the last night.

Advice: I suggest you definitely make a decision before it's dinner time. No flip flopping. I didn't have any rice, pasta, or any grains. Just vegetarian/vegan ingredients that consisted of veggies mostly.

Day 2- This day was easier to have all the smoothies but I felt too bloated or slightly backed up (TMI?). Then finally I had a big "bathroom break" and felt better.I looked forward to my water with ginger and lemon every morning. Not so much the tea before bed. Some nights I really yearned for it, others I did without.

During the day, I almost forgot I was hungry most times. I got so caught up in everything else, I didn't care much if I needed my next drink. I work remotely so I also had to be creative about the way I kept my bottles cool. Unfortunately that meant my bookbag got weighed down. Not fun.

Dinner always tasted so delicious. My taste buds were definitely heightened. Things were sweeter, tasted even more lively. It was a big difference. I had an apple that wasn't on the schedule. It was the best apple I had ever tasted.

Day 3- I was so excited I was almost done. It felt like we had just begun, but it had been long enough. I started to wonder how I would ever do a 2 week one like Joe Cross suggests in Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead. That would be a toughy. I mean, I guess the main difference was that we would have to use a juicer. Speaking of juicers, a lot of people usually mention the clean up during a cleanse or detox. It is worth mentioning. My boyfriend helped somewhat with the cleaning up after making our smoothies, but it definitely took a toll. I didn't want to clean or keep blending. We were irritable. I'd clean up our fresh fruit and veggie scraps. It was annoying. The cost of eating healthy.

Drinking nothing but juice was a breeze this day. The pee breaks were getting really annoying. Early mornings, it was hard to find isolated bathrooms I could use with no embarrassment. If you get my whiff. The last day I skipped having the last smoothie. Mainly cause I felt so backed up from Day 1 and 2, I didn't want to do that again.

AfterI was so happy to be done, I wanted to eat dessert. Haha. I didn't but I went to bed happier than ever. The next day I had toast and my lemon ginger water. I felt really good but craved a snack mid morning. I had granola. Then my coworkers had pizza, but I waited to get Just Salad instead. I didn't have meat for a while after the cleanse, maybe a week and a half. Minimal dairy. Your body does amazing things while not eating those things.

I did lose a few pounds but nothing significant, it was probably water weight.

There's my experience with a 3 Day Cleanse!

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