Friday, September 18, 2015

Fashion in the City

I'm not participating in the joy that is Fashion Week, but I did want to put in some commentary.
Rebecca MinkoffAs you may know, I was in Europe for the past week and they're Fashion Week in London is actually starting at the end of this week. So they were getting started with their Fashion events while I was there. It was fun to witness how it's done overseas.

This got me paying attention to the fashion around me during my stay. And really, I realized how boring my style is. Then realized, maybe it's American Fashion? Maybe. Either way, I bought some British mags to take home. Cause this 20- something going onto 30 girl is not into being bland. I also don't want to be one of those people who think they're SO different by doing stuff like wearing an ugly sweater and telling everyone else they don't get it.

Here are some fashion news and ideas from Fashion Week(s) and my British magazines. Hopefully this inspires you to live it up in your personal image. I'm probably going to start working with a stylist (send me any freelancers or starters cause you know I love the beginners) and making a image board as if I were a company. Oh wait....  Haha.

Celebs at NYFW spring 2016

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