Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Have you seen my sister?

Have you seen my sister?
Well I guess she's more like a friend.
We met a tad later in life but it feels like I've know her since birth.
She likes to share her toys with me.
She even sometimes shares her bed.
Oh I forgot to tell you her name.
It's Olivia.
Pretty? Yes.
But have you seen her?
We left the house together but she never came back.
Dad rushed me home and left me there for a while, but when he came back, she wasn't with them.
Where is Olivia?
My sister, my friend.
Now I'm getting sad.
Mom and dad mentioned a car, but it's hard to understand them when they speak.
Unless they repeat it often and give me a treat.
I do remember a large car and screaming.
I've never seen mom yank the leash so hard.
Hopefully Olivia is okay.
Where is she?
Will she come back soon?
Mom and Dad look sad.
Mom cries when I sit next to her.
She never does that.
Did someone take her away?
I hope we get her back.
Maybe Mom will smile again?
Maybe Dad will be less angry?
If only I could remember what happened after the big black car drove by.
Dad yelled.
The car kept driving.
Mom disappeared.
I think I saw her knees, but then that would mean she was on her knees.
Why would she be on her knees in the street?
Mom always said it was dirty and wiped our paws when we got home.
But where was Olivia?
My sister.
Did she leave?
I don't remember, but I miss her.
I hope she comes back soon.
For now I'll get her toys ready for her and make sure her bed is clear.
Cause I'm waiting for my sister.
Have you seen her?

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