Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Young Love is a special thing.

My boyfriend told me a story about his once girlfriend named Kathy. She was a highlight in his life. I could tell by the way he told the story. Most people would say it was insane for him tell me about her, but I love hearing about his life before I entered into it. We're all human. And we all fall in love. In this case, I am wowed by how he maintined a relationship with this girl for so long and only met her once. Meanwhile, a lot of couples who see each other more often find it difficult to stay together.
For some reason, it all brings my mind to pen pals. Hopefully I don't lose you. But with a pen pal, you build this deep rooted relationship with someone miles away from you. You dare to tell them the truth about yourself and your life. Your biggest wants and your deepest desires. A soldier away on a base (in a non disclosed location) was once my pen pal. All because I left my email address in a Christmas card I made during a sorority unity event. It was nice to talk to someone who wasn't there or in my life. As I'm sure it was nice for him to talk to someone about something other than a possible war. Making that connection with a stranger makes you friends, or... pals. Therefore I can slightly understand how Kathy and my boyfriend became so close.


When it came to my first love, it too was amazing. Deep rooted and maybe not so healthy for me. He made me laugh, made me cry. I had such dreams when I was with him. Honestly, at that age, I never thought a boy would find me attractive. Probably why I latched onto him right away. Then it became love... Or something like it. Isn't it funny when you think about all those times before now when you were " in love"? Some people think they were dumb, weak, or even childish. Some even dare to say they weren't in love. Well I am here to say, "Don't".

We all have a Kathy and I think respecting that love, whatever it was is necessary. Don't discredit or lessen the value of that time. You were in love for you then, not now.
I hope to write more about this in my memoir I started. Because  we as a species are in love with love but don't quite know what to do with it.

*name was changed for privacy

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