Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mean Women

There are many people in the tri-state area that would call me mean. Not just mean, but vulgar, abrasive, rude, malcriada, offensive, judgy, bossy, harsh and whatever else they can think of. In fact, when I became Sweetheart for a fraternity in college, they nicknamed me Vulgar. And for a while I just thought of it as something I should work on as a leader and boss. Be a little gentler with others without coddling. Not having a bad attitude and snide remarks. The list goes on, trust me. However, when I looked at women like Anna Wintour, Kimora Lee Simmons, Khloe Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Kelly Cutrone, I thought "They're allowed to be like this but I'm not?" Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are all rude or harsh. What I am saying is that they are strong willed women who don't just sweeten things. For example, when the First Lady did not wear a headscarf or veil in Saudi Arabia. That could be considered rude but in fact I think it was bold.

Why are women mean when men are strong?
As some of you have read before, two years ago I wrote about Glamour's Women of the Year issue. I picked my own women of the year also. This year's group were more popular choices, like Caitlyn Jenner and the "black ballerina", Misty Copeland. Personally, I find what Bruce Jenner did was brave and Caitlyn Jenner living out the life is even braver. People need to see that more. We need to see more people like Kelly Cutrone who is fearless in being categorized as a bitch. We need to see that it's okay not to play nice all the time. Especially as business women. ESPECIALLY.

A woman called me after getting out of her interview and asked if I knew if her ex worked there as well. I did not know and asked why. She explained that it would be awkward if they worked in the same facility. Even went as far as saying she'd have to ask not to paired up to work with him. I laughed. Does a man at work put that much effort into a situation like this? WHO CARES if he works in the same place? Probably just you. Go to work, work extra professionally when he's involved and get paid. If he wants to act up, let him. Then hopefully he'll get himself fired. But I am mean for saying that. Get with it ladies. While you're wondering what he's going to think, he's moved on and making the money you aren't.

Be honest. Be strong. Be vocal. Get rid of those who tell you otherwise. I didn't hang out with most of those frat guys once I realized I liked being this way. Yes, that doesn't mean I should be malicious or degrading. No one should want to be that. 

"Be fair, friendly and firm." Grandma Edwards

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