Monday, October 24, 2016

Note from Jamie Lee to America

It's been a while since I've posted any material. Jamie Lee reached to me and asked if I was interested in something she wrote about the election and I quickly said, "YES". I love having material on here that isn't just mine. Having all types of views and opinions is what makes this world fascinating.

Now I pass it on to Jamie Lee:

I have kept my opinions mostly to myself on social media, as I tend to find most discussions uninformed and argumentative which is not my way.... but no more, this has gone far enough.

#imwithher ....I don't care if you like #Clinton or not, please #read a book, read the #newspaper, #educate yourself and discover for yourself - #DonaldTrump is nothing short of a dangerous choice for our country.

#Voters: let's examine Trump's "policies", if of course you could manage to find the time when he speaks in depth regarding his positions on...uhm... anything. As opposed to utilizing diversion tactics such as putting a wife's husband's mistress in the audience as a petty attempt to distract Senator Clinton, or speaking ill of Former President Clinton or President Obama (I must have missed when they were added to the ticket and running for the 2016 election). Or lastly is too busy using his (mostly stolen) speaking time throughout the debates to threaten to arrest Senator Clinton (FYI Donald, that's not the job - you may want to reference a description before spewing out such uninformed threats, or you know...applying). Etc... etc. 

Take a moment to read and listen to how he speaks to and of women. Do we want the leader of the free world to be a man who speaks about our #women in such a derogatory fashion? This #country fought for women's rights for decades. Now we are considering #VOTING for a man, into the highest office in the land, who feels this way about our nation's hard working women?  Our mothers, daughters, nieces, granddaughters, who are CEO's, business owners, authors, actors, doctors, nurses, and etc? Donald Trump outwardly treats women in such a belittling and disgusting manner. Let us not forget, this man is a husband, father of two beautiful daughters, and grandfather to a granddaughter. 

Voters answer me this, "Is this the American way?" Is this how we want our potential future President to speak and feel about of 47% (and growing) of the United States work force? Do you find that to be acceptable?

Our nation is considering electing a Commander in Chief, who filed bankruptcy only two weeks after he threw a lavish multi-million dollar wedding on his private island. This is a fact. Is this the candidate who will fix our countries finances? Our national debt? We are an intelligent nation of people. Do not make an uneducated uninformed decision. Let alone one so important to our future. 

Ladies and gentleman, no one is asking you to read the Wall Street Journal front to back... for goodness sake just GOOGLE!

We have not even touched on the fact that we are a country based on #immigrants coming to America in the hopes of creating a life in this beautiful #free land. Not only did Donald Trump's own family come to The United States at a point in history, but two of his wives are immigrants. And that's not to throw a low blow (I typically find it in poor taste) but facts are facts. One of Trump's wives may or may not have hinted at😉...working in America illegally for some time. 

Not every #immigrant is #illegal - let alone unworthy of a life here in #America. THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO ESTABLISH BORDER CONTROL and TO STABILIZE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. A WISER WAY, A MORE HUMANE WAY. AND WAY IS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NOT A WALL! Is this 1961? Have we learned nothing from our world's history?

This "man", this CANDIDATE, believes and stands for NOTHING that this #beautiful land of hope and freedom was built on. His rallies do nothing more than spread inaccuracies, stimulate hatred and rile up the #American people based on chatter that is far from the truth.

VOTE!!! Vote #smart. Vote educated and most crucially vote as a human being. For you, your family, your #children, your grandchildren and our #future.

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